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Roureville vol. 2 by E. Hae review

Roureville vol. 2

Author/Artist: E. Hae

Publisher: NETCOMICS

Rating: OT - 16 and up

Genre: Shonen-Ai, Drama, Supernatural, Mystery, Romance

Grade: B

*** Review originally appeared at The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society at Check it out! ***

Roureville. A town so small it doesn't even show up on the map. A town somewhere between California and Yellowstone National Park. Evan Pryce. A hot-shot reporter from The New York Times. He's on vacation from his crazy, hectic life in the city. Jayce. The mysterious townsperson who is allowing Evan to stay with him in his house. Rumor has it that Jayce is a ghost. What is going on in this little town?

Evan decides to stay in town to figure out what mysteries that the townspeople might be hiding. Like the priest, for instance. Why is he trying so hard to chase Evan out of town? Jayce, on the other hand, is another mystery all together. Why is he always lurking around? What is his fascination with Evan? Is he really a ghost? Why am I asking all these questions?

The second volume of Roureville answered some questions that had lingered in my brain from the first book. But once the questions were answered, more questions took their place. Does Evan have the ability to read minds? What is the significance of his nightmares? Evan's behavior in this book has become a little more erratic and treats his host like a piece of crap. I don't know about you, but if someone invites you into their home you are to treat them with respect, and be thankful for their hospitality. Evan is the worst houseguest ever! If I behaved like that my grandparents (who raised my parents) would be turning over in their graves. Jayce on the other hand is selfless and somewhat transparent, literally transparent. E. Hae's artwork is still very stylized. I'm starting to get used to it, but I wouldn't put it into my favorite art category. The story, however, is masterfully written. In summaries that you can read online the shonen-ai aspect of the story is brought up. In the first book there isn't much in the way of man love, but in the second volume more sexual tension bubbles up to the surface. Since this is a NETCOMICS release you can either purchase the chapters online (which I did for Roureville vol. 3) or you can buy the books (which vol.'s 1 and 2 are the printed books). The books are very well done and you can't ask for more than the ability to read the newer material before it's printed. NETCOMICS is a fantastic fusion between online comics and printed comics. I can't complain. If you like a little mystery, and don't mind highly stylized art, I recommend you read Roureville. But be sure to read volume one before volume two. But you guys are smart, you can figure that out without my help! Oh, be sure to check out my previous review of Roureville vol. 1.

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