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Golden Prince and Argent King by Kouko Agawa review

Golden Prince and Argent King

Author/Artist: Kouko Agawa

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M - for ages 18 and above

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance

Grade: B

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I didn't know much about Golden Prince and Argent King except what I read on Juné's website. All I know is that it sounded interesting and I wanted to check it out.

Golden Prince and Argent King is the tale of Yuuki Kujou. Yuuki's mother was the mistress of a rich businessman. She had insisted on raising an upstanding son and Yuuki didn't know anything about his father. Not long after his mother's passing he was informed that he was the son of a rich businessman, but that he also had two older brothers.

Yuuki's brothers were like night and day. The oldest, Gai Watase took over their father's company and was known as being quite serious. Masumi Watase was closer to Yuuki in age and had a sunny and pleasant disposition. Yuuki moved into the family home and was transferred to the same high school as Masumi. Because Masumi has such a pleasant dispositon everyone in the school loves him. Of course many of the students weren't too pleased to see the relationship that Yuuki had with Masumi and soon Yuuki found it hard to make friends. He was showered with attention by his two new brothers but he found himself falling in love with one of them, and I mean in the way you aren't supposed to love your brother. Who has Yuuki fallen for? What will become of him at school? All of the questions will be answered in Golden Prince and Argent King.

This was an enjoyable manga by Kouko Agawa-sensei. It was a little predictable in story and I pretty much had it figured out by the time I finished it. I must say, though, that even though I had it solved, it was still moving and I had to stop myself from almost crying several times. Why I felt like crying along with the story, I'm not quite sure. But I did like it. The art is pleasing to the eye. The lines are clean and you are able to tell the characters apart. The story did have a couple spots where I could have used more information and that would have made the story that much more interesting. A character was introduced but was dropped almost as quickly. I hate it when that happens! Do I recommend this title to others? You betcha, check it out!

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