Thursday, October 23, 2008

Play Boy Blues by Shiuko Kano review

Play Boy Blues vol. 1

Author/Artist: Shiuko Kano

Publisher: Be Beautiful

Rating: M – 18 and above

Genre: Yaoi, Drama

Grade: B+

Ahh… Shiuko Kano-sama. I love this mangaka. She is truly gifted when it comes to both art and story.

Play Boy Blues features two stories. First up is PBB (Play Boy Blues, get it!) Shinobu Hishiya was the number one host at Club Dandy, but six months ago he decided to leave the glamorous world of hosting to become a construction worker. For two years he'd been living with Junsuke Aki, the first host he recruited and Club Dandy's current number one host. Initially they were just roommates, but their relationship turned into a hot and heavy sexual one. Junsuke gets extremely jealous any time Shinobu meets with anyone else. Is it lust or is it more?

The second story is about two construction workers. Yuusaku is possibly going inherit the family's construction company. He doesn't want to because he feels like it's an old fashioned idea. He gets shipped off to Osaka for two weeks to do hard labor at the site. He doesn't want to go and leave Taizou, his lover (and possible brother, I'm not quite sure). Yet while in Osaka he meets Gorou. The man takes him under his wing. But there is something mysterious about Gorou.

Play Boy Blues is a series by Shiuko Kano-sama. The series was licensed by Be Beautiful, but because of some weirdness going on Be Beautiful may or may not be in existence anymore. If they are no longer around it looks like this is the first and the last that we see of Play Boy Blues. In my opinion it is terribly sad because I was hooked by the series. The art is amazing, as always. I like the story and the extras that were shown. I was looking forward to more, but it looks like I'll probably have to get the original Japanese versions to continue the story.

I recommend this for any fan of Kano-sama. Be aware that it is pretty graphic sexually, which much of her work is. The only problem is the title is now out of print. It was luck that I was able to find it. I'm sure if you dig around; you may find a used copy. If Be Beautiful has gone out of business, I hope that another publishing company will pick up this series so we can enjoy the series as a whole!

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