Saturday, October 25, 2008

Passion vol. 2 by Shinobu Gotoh and Shoko Takaku review

Passion vol. 2

Author/Artist: Shinobu Gotoh/Shoko Takaku

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M - 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance School Life

Grade: A

Hikaru Umino and Mr. Shima are still "playing lovers." It seems to be blissful right now, but there are some waves headed this way. Mr. Amamiya and Mr. Shima were lovers in high school and Mr. Amamiya wants to get back together. Mr. Shima doesn't. Also the deal of the "play lovers" game was to last only until graduation. Once the New Year's holidays are over Hikaru has to study for college entrance exams and so there is no contact between Hikaru and Shima. Shima offered to give Hikaru a graduation gift. All Hikaru wants is to continue being Shima's lover, but he knows it is impossible. So he settles for Shima's well-worn watch. On Graduation Day they part ways, breaking Hikaru's heart.

Once in college Hikaru gets himself a girlfriend, but he does not love her. A whole bunch of Hikaru's friends want to attend the cultural festival at Hikaru's former high school. Hikaru reluctantly agrees to go. Meanwhile, Amamiya seems to be moving on from obsessing over Shima. Shima doesn't seem to be himself lately. It all seems to have started around when graduation came. Amamiya seems to know that Shima was involved with a student but doesn't know more than that.

I don't know if there was an initial plan to make Passion a four-volume series. The way the second volume ends you think it would end there, but luckily there are still two more volumes to go. I really do like this series. Gotoh-sensei's story and Takaku-sensei's really do complement each other. We also find out that Shima really goaded Hikaru on so the rape wasn't really rape (I didn't describe that very well, sorry). Mr. Amamiya really grew up and you can't help but respect Ms. Morikawa. She isn't your typical female character in yaoi. She's strong, intelligent, tolerant, and plays a pretty important role. This is a really beautiful and romantic story.

Juné made a wise choice in licensing this series. It is a gorgeous release. It is printed on nice thick paper and the dust jacket on this volume fits snugly with the book.

I really recommend this series to those who like Gotoh-sensei, Takaku-sensei, or a wonderful romance that looks beyond gender to true love.

***Review Copy purchased by Reviewer***

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