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Pathos vol. 2 by Mika Sadahiro review

Pathos vol. 2

Author/Artist: Mika Sadahiro

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M – 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Supernatural, Horror, Romance

Grade: A

If you thought that the first volume of Pathos was hot, you ain't seen nothing yet! In the second volume of Pathos there is more blood, sex, and passion. Whew!

Ace is now eighteen and graduated from high school. He has made the decision to become a vampire to become closer to J. King is not too fond of the idea, but J wants to become one with his lover. Once Ace becomes a vampire, he goes overboard. Soon a rivalry breaks out between King and Ace for J's affection. The way the score is settled is King steps into the sunlight, and quickly burns to ashes. J and Ace are taken aback and soon J retreats into a comatose type state, leaving Ace to fend for himself. Will Ace be able to bring J back to the land of the living (metaphorically speaking of course)?

This series is a surprise for me. I love Juné with a passion. One thing I've noticed, they have the tendency to play things safe. After having read both volumes of Pathos, this is a huge step they've taken. Pathos is a dark, bloody, and lustful series. No playing it safe with this title, and I must say "Bravo!" I have never really been into vampires. For someone who loves classic literature I've never read Dracula by Bram Stoker. Nosferatu was one of the most hilarious pieces of film I've ever seen. I couldn't get into Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I've never read the Twilight series. Vampires just don't interest me. Yet Pathos drew me into the world of Ace, J, and King. I found it interesting that once you become a vampire your fangs now take the place for fulfilling your sexual desires. Whether that is vampire lore, or something from Sadahiro-sensei's imagination, it's pretty wild.

Not only was the story riveting but Mika Sadahiro-sensei's art is absolutely stunning. You are able to differentiate between all of the characters. Everything is so lushly drawn and you can tell that sensei has taken great care to illustrate this amazing story. My only complaint is still King's hair. It seriously looks like his hair is channeling Brian May (Queen)/Roger Daltry (the Who)/Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin). It really is quite frightening. Other than that, I have no other complaints.

Not only did Juné make an inspired choice on publishing Pathos, but this book is GORGEOUS! I just about passed out when I saw the cover. J and Ace look so exceptionally hot that I need a to take a cold shower just looking at it. Like the first volume, the second volume is wrapped in a matte dust jacket. It seems to give it a classier, more adult look. Good job Juné!

I wholeheartedly recommend this series, but be aware that this is pretty hardcore stuff. It defintely earns its M rating. Juné made a wise decision with this title. Just remember, remember, remember that this is a very risqué manga. You may not get the sex you have come to expect from yaoi manga but nonetheless it is very sexually charged.

Oh, I almost forgot. I also have a review for Pathos vol. 1 so feel free to check it out if you have the time.

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