Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh my god! vol. 1 by Natsuho Shino review

Oh my god! vol. 1

Author/Artist: Natsuho Shino

Publisher: Deux Press

Rating: OT – ages 16 and up

Genre: Shonen Ai, Comedy, Supernatural

Grade: A-

Yuto Hikami’s family specializes in the selling of magical spells, charms, etc. Yuto was born into a family of sorcerers. Well, his ancestors were sorcerers. It seems that the magic has worn off. At least Yuto’s grandfather admits he’s a fraud, but they’ve got to pay the bills somehow. While cleaning up, Yuto comes across a sword sealed in a magical spell. Somehow, unbeknownst to him he was able to unseal the sword. It seems that one of Yuto’s ancestors sealed this "god" in the sword. But this god doesn’t seem to know who he is or what he is a god of. Because the god has stark and beautiful green eyes, Yuto names him Jade. Once Yuto gave him this name, it seems to have the power to freeze Jade in his tracks.

By unlocking Jade, many different types of supernatural and spiritual beings seems to be drawn to Yuto. Yuto is unaware that he has any power whatsoever. Jade continually comes to Yuto’s rescue which then turn into blushing moments where you can see the attraction between the two characters. But Yuto is no pushover. He is very cute, clumsy, and loveable yet at the same time he can hold his own and has the ability to whip the gods that surround him into shape.

It seems that Jade and Rin (another god that served one of Yuto’s ancestors) always fight over who deserves Yuto’s attention, much to the chagrin of Yuto himself. Plus Jade seems to act like an overeager dog with dog-ears and tail to match the personality.

If you are looking for something with an angsty plot line or explicit sex, you’re barking up the wrong tree with this title. But if you want a quick, breezy, and fun read then check out Oh my god! The characters draw you in and hold you in place. You’ll also laugh from beginning to end. Jade may act like a prima donna, but we all know that Yuto is in charge. Rin is graceful yet is agoraphobic. Yuto’s grandfather cracked me up, at least he’s an honest crook. Yuto doesn’t pull any punches, yet he handles everything anyway. This book is pure fun, cotton candy, fluff and is worth every minute that you spend with it. Shino-sensei’s art is very expressive and unique. I must say that all the characters have great hair!

Fun and frivolity rule the day with Oh my god! vol. 1. Deux Press has made another inspired choice with this great series!

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Crossiro said...

Hey Kris!! I just happened to come across your blog today and I was so happy!! I'm glad to find others who are interested in BL/Yaoi as well. I was just wondering whether you also know how to read Japanese b/c I've got some fantastic online BL sites that have online manga's, illustrations, and novels.

I also wanted to introduce to you a manga that I am in love with. "Me and my Brothers" by Tokeino Hari is not a yaoi but a shojo manga. It has some elements of yaoi thought. The illustrations are so cute and the story plot is hilarious! I think that you would enjoy it a lot.

Kris said...

Thank you so much for stopping by! Sadly I'm trying to learn Japanese, but it's coming along so slowly. Please stop by anytime.

Funny you should bring up "Me and My Brothers." That is one of my favorite series. I anxiously await every three months for when I can pick up the next volume. Tsuyoshi and Rin crack me up. Even though I read and review a lot, and I mean A LOT of yaoi/Boys Love titles I always love a good shojo title.