Saturday, October 25, 2008

Passion vol. 3 by Shinobu Gotoh and Shoko Takaku review

Passion vol. 3

Author/Artist: Shinobu Gotoh/Shoko Takaku

Publisher: June

Rating: M - 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance

Grade: A

Now that Hikaru and Shima have gotten together for real this time, Hikaru is bound and determined to make their relationship work. He is currently working a part-time job to earn some extra cash so he can buy a car. But it seems as though there are others vying for Hikaru's attentions. First there is one of Hikaru's juniors at his high school, Onoda. The other is Nagisa, one of Hikaru's co-workers. There is also a rumor going around that Hikaru has his eyes on a "Madonna" at his old high school and it is assumed that it is Ms. Morikawa. Because Hikaru is oblivious to a lot of things, he's unaware of Onoda and Nagisa's advances and doesn't know about the rumor.

Shima is responsible for the culture festival this year and is extremely busy. Not only is he busy with work, but he wants to spend more and more time with Hikaru. One evening on a whim he goes to Hikaru's apartment and witnesses Nagisa coming out. Shima's confused, but seeing Hikaru's surprised face is more than enough to confirm his devotion to Shima.

When Shima, Amamiya, and Ms. Morikawa show up one day to the café that Hikaru works at all of his co-workers freak out. When they talk about Ms. Morikawa and Amamiya looking like the perfect couple, Hikaru misunderstands and thinks they are talking about Amamiya and Shima. Not only that, but Nagisa calls while Hikaru and Shima are on their date and tries to convince Hikaru to give up on his teacher (referring to Ms. Morikawa).

Man, things get pretty complicated this volume. Yet, you know that the feelings that Shima and Hikaru have for each other are deeper than they seem on the surface. Hikaru is ready to tell the world that Shima is his lover, but Shima isn't ready to take that step. The one thing that really bugs me about Shima is his jealousy. The dude really needs to learn how to trust Hikaru. Oh well! This is another enjoyable volume of the Passion series. There is only one more book left (boo!) I really like this series. This is a great series to start with if you want to read the M rated yaoi manga. It's not very graphic, but there is sex. The art is gorgeous and the romance in the story is amazing. Not only that, since it's a Juné release it is a beautiful book physically.

You know, if you haven't read Passion yet, you really need to pick up this series. You won't be disappointed!

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