Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sighing Kiss by Riyu Yamakami review

Sighing Kiss

Author/Artist: Riyu Yamakami

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M – 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance

Grade: B+

Love triangles are the spice of life, especially boys love triangles. Akira Yui is gay. He realized his tastes in Junior High. Now he has quite the conundrum on his hands. He is attracted to his best friend Tatsuya Oka. Tatsuya is tall, handsome, popular and good at sports. He even has an absolutely adorable girlfriend. Yes, Tatsuya is straight. Akira is currently living in the dorms at school. His neighbor, Tanabe, loves to tease Akira. You see, Akira really gets into pleasuring himself and can be a little on the noisy side. But Tanabe can be gentle as well. He can see the turmoil that Akira is in over the whole Tatsuya deal.

One day after school Tatsuya informs Akira that he and his girlfriend broke up. Being overcome with emotion Akira ends up blurting out those three little words "I love you." After that, Akira freaks out about what he's done and runs off without listening to Tatsuya's side of things. Running into Tanabe was the last thing Akira wanted, but that's usually how things go (at least for me). After talking with Tanabe, Akira puts on a brave face to confront Tatsuya. Tatsuya wants to talk to Akira but it just doesn't happen. Akira, one evening, looks for a little action and winds up with Tanabe. Tanabe is gay and has quite the skills. What will Akira do? Does Tatsuya feel the same about Akira? Does Tanabe have feelings for Akira? Hmmm…

One thing I've been impressed with when it comes to Riyu Yamakami-sensei is that the characters are gay. In so many other yaoi stories out there the characters say they're straight, they fall in love with a man but still claim that they are straight. In the Yamakami-sensei titles that I've read (Sighing Kiss and Vanilla) the main characters are attracted to men and identify themselves as gay. It's really rather refreshing since the generally attitude in yaoi is so totally unrealistic. But who reads yaoi for the realistic relationships, I sure don't. I'm all about the fantasy baby! Sighing Kiss is a title I definitely recommend. The story is compelling. You see how Akira pines after Tatsuya, how clueless Tatsuya is towards Akira's feelings, and Tanabe's insightfulness. Yamakami-sensei keeps you guessing up until the very end on whether Akira ends up with Tanabe or Tatsuya. Don't worry I won't spoil it for you. Yamakami-sensei has a unique art style that I really like. You and look at sensei's work and know it's hers (I assume that sensei is a she) immediately. The only complaint that I have about sensei's art is that the faces are a little narrow and pointy. The detail is amazing. When you look at Sighing Kiss and compare it with sensei's earlier work Vanilla (both published by Juné) the art has improved exponentially.

Juné did a great job in producing this title. Pick it up, you won't be disappointed!

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