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Hero Heel vol. 3 by Makoto Tateno review

Hero Heel vol. 3

Author/Artist: Makoto Tateno

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M – ages 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance

Grade: A

*** Review originally appeared at The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society at Check it out! ***

We've reached the explosive final installment in the Hero Heel trilogy. I will provide links to my reviews and other J LHLS reviews for the first two volumes at the end of the post.

Trans-Dimensional Warriors Airguard is headed towards the series end. That fact is starting to sink in and everyone is working very hard to put in their best performances. The romances between Minami and Katagiri and Takagi and Sawada seem to be going on, full steam ahead. But things are just bubbling under the surface. Sawada doesn't seem to be satisfied with sleeping with Takagi so he has a parade of partners going in and out of his apartment. Minami is confused because of Sawada's bizarre behavior towards him. Katagiri and Takagi are caught in the middle of this stormy relationship.

Sawada hides an injury that he sustained on set and is struggling to hide it. Minami showing concern, as a co-worker, heads over to his apartment with first aid supplies. Sawada behaves strangely again and when Takagi shows up Minami is worried about what Takagi is thinking. Soon a rumor starts to spread about Takagi and Sawada have broken up. Will Minami own up to his feelings towards Sawada? Will Sawada admit his feelings for Minami? How will it all end? You'll just have to read Hero Heel vol. 3 to find out.

It is so satisfying to read this volume in English. I own the original Japanese volume but I don't know the language so I had to go by the pictures. But now I can enjoy it in English. Things wrapped up nicely. But it was tumultuous all the way to the end. Makoto Tateno-sama really knows her stuff. She is a master of whatever genre and story setting she decides to tackle. With this story about actors she not only makes things realistic back stage but also everything with the art to the plot of the story. The art is spectacular in this series. Her costuming to set designs are so rich, stunning, and detailed you can't help but be captivated by it.

The story is what really makes this a great series. Sawada is the guy that you love to hate because of the way that he treats Minami but you secretly want to cheer him on. Minami is the epitome of the uke because he's weepy and needy which can get on your nerves but you don't see much of the weepy uke in this third volume. Your heart goes out to Katagiri because he loves Minami so much and winds up with his heart broken. Even though the story ends I imagine a happy ending for Katagiri sometime in the future.

Hero Heel is a great series. I highly recommend it. Not only for the story but also for Tateno-sama's amazing skills at weaving a beautiful tale with gorgeous art. Check out this series, it's definitely worth your time!

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