Thursday, February 5, 2009

Necratoholic by Maguro Wasabi review


Author/Artist: Maguro Wasabi

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M – 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Drama, Supernatural, Fantasy

Grade: A

Sakuya is a vampire of noble blood. Atsumi is a dhampir, a vampire hunter. These two have been locked in combat for years. And it seems that once Sakuya drank Atsumi's blood he now can't seem to stand the sight, smell, or taste of anyone else's blood. Which is not good if you are a vampire. Sakuya only gets by on nibbling rose petals. It also seems that Sakuya and Atsumi have a bizarre game of tag. This time it's Sakuya's turn to find Atsumi but Sakuya is having a hard time. While searching for Atsumi is Sakuya's number one priority, he has a job on the side. He's Hotel Necrato's famous S&M Queen. But there doesn't seem to be much in the way of work for Sakuya lately because he can't stand blood.

Just when Sakuya's hopes are dashed in ever finding Atsumi, guess who comes waltzing into Hotel Necrato. Atsumi. He claims he's only selling life insurance policies and has given up on the vampire hunter life. Of course that's a big fat lie but he won't tell Sakuya what is going on. Then a mysterious man by the name of Van Helsing shows up from England investigating Sakuya and the fact that Atsumi has committed a huge sin by sleeping with a vampire.

Necratoholic is a wild game of cat and mouse from beginning to end. I generally don't like vampire tales but Necratoholic was a very enjoyable title. I know that every time I read a vampire manga I say that I'm pleasantly surprised, and again in this case I am. I don't find myself drawn to vampires like some around me do and I just don't find vampire lore at all interesting. In the case of Necratoholic I found it funny and clever and very unique. Each character cracks me up. There is a scene where Sakuya ventures outside during the day wearing some bizarro getup that his caretakers jokingly told him would protect him from the sun. He takes them seriously and dons the outfit. The characters are captivating and interesting and really draw you into the story. The art is absolutely adorable. The characters are very good looking and costuming they use is so amazing. Because we are dealing with vampires we see them in gothic/lolita looks and with the S&M aspect we get bondage gear too.

The first copy I had had a printing issue so I had to take it back and pick up another copy. I must say that when you have the complete volume the way it is supposed to be the story makes a whole lot more sense. This is a fun romp on the dark side with cute art and a wild story. You don't want to miss Necratoholic.

***Review Copy purchased at Borders***

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