Monday, December 22, 2008

The Lily and the Rose by Dany & Dany review

The Lily and the Rose
Author/Artist: Dany & Dany
Publisher: Yaoi Press
Rating: N/R (there was no rating provided from the publisher but there is a parental advisory label on the cover)
Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance, Historical
Grade: A
To be honest this is my first Yaoi Press title that I actually wanted to purchase for my own collection. I first read The Lily and the Rose at NETCOMICS but a chunk of the story was missing online (it was at the end too!) and I really wanted to put together the story so the ending made sense. Once I had the book in my hot little hands the ending made much more sense than what I read online.
During their childhood Alain and Christophe were close friends and enjoyed spending time together. Christophe wanted to be a priest like his mentor Father Colbert and Alain had only one thing in mind, to seek revenge for his mother's murder. Because of a youthful discretion Alain left the home where they were living and the two lost contact with one another.
Many years later Christophe has become a priest like he wanted. A corrupt cardinal wants to keep Christophe for himself but Christophe is aware of the price he would have to pay if he chose that path. Since Christophe is a virtuous and humble man he wants to live a simple life teaching the word of God. He's assigned to teach a young Comte. This same young Comte's mother is involved with a young Marquis. We learn that this young Marquis de Saint-Denis is actually Alain and he is still searching for clues to help him locate the man who murdered his mother. The Comtesse de Sevigny offers to give him the final piece of the puzzle but for a price. Alain must cause disgrace to the new priest that is coming to teach her son. Her friend wants the priest all to himself. I'm pretty sure that you've figured out that the priest is Christophe, the corrupt cardinal is the Comtesse's acquaintance, and that Alain is going to have to disgrace his first love.
Alain is looking forward to humiliating Christophe because of the humiliation of their past youthful discretion. He continues to play the part of the Marquis and convinces Christophe he isn't his friend from the past. But because of his attempt at seduction he accidentally reveals a pattern of moles on his chest that gives him away. Shocked by this new development Christophe doesn't know what to do. He wants to continue serving God but has temptation placed in his way. Plus, there is trouble brewing in Paris. Will Christophe choose God or Alain? What do these two have to face to be together?
Like I said at the beginning I hadn't planned on purchasing this title but with missing pages I decided to pick it up. The books are priced reasonably (compared to other yaoi titles) so I purchased it. I was very glad I bought it. Other Yaoi Press titles I haven't been too terribly impressed with but The Lily and the Rose really stood out and is one of my favorite titles of all time. Dany & Dany create some of the most beautiful men. They have large expressive eyes, perfectly toned bodies, and gorgeous flowing hair. It's definitely a fantasyland of pretty boys. The story was definitely tighter than the other two Dany & Dany titles (Wishing for the Moon and .I.d.o.l., I haven't read their newest title Anima). The story is addictive and you can't put it down, and Dany & Dany's art help the story move along. With lush and detailed backgrounds to beautiful costumes it definitely feels like a story that takes place at the beginning of the French Revolution. I love stories that are written during this time period (like The Scarlet Pimpernel). This title was a nice change from the Japanese titles that I've been swamped with.
The book is beautiful both inside and out. Yaoi Press did a wonderful job in printing this title. It's very interesting and gorgeous to look at.
***Review Copy purchased at Borders***

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Anonymous said...

Awesome review! I read the manga up to the part where Christophe sees his priest for the first time, and says "He was obviously special to you, as you blushed when you saw me." I'd like to read the rest, Dany&Dany's artwork is awesome!