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Star Project Chiro vol. 4 by Baek Hye-Kyoung review

Star Project Chiro vol. 4

Author/Artist: Baek Hye-Kyoung

Publisher: UDON Entertainment

Rating: Teen – ages 13 and up

Genre: Shojo, Comedy, Drama

Grade: A-

When we last left Chiro, she was headed towards the stage and Chan-Kyung Woo (if interested you can check out my reviews of vol. 1, vol. 2, and vol. 3). He didn't recognize her and gave Nan Lee the brush off. Of course she was crushed but she had another opportunity see him at Ami's New Years party (Ami is Nan's almost stepmother, you'll have to read vol. 3 for the whole story). While at the party the lights went out at midnight and Chiro/Eun-Yo covered Chan-Kyung's eyes and gave him a New Years smooch. To everyone's surprise a photographer snuck into the party and snapped a picture of Chiro kissing Chan-Kyung.

As soon as the picture gets into the hands of Dr. Go you'd think that Chiro was saved but Nan freaks out and punishes her by tying her up. The dude is a serious mental case. In another turn of events it looks like Nan is being forced through some nefarious characters (including Dr. Go) to pay a huge debt and that is why he needed Chiro. Meanwhile Chan-Kyung is trying to deal with his feelings of anger towards Eun-Yo. It looks like to me that he's going through the seven stages of loss and is at the anger stage. Very interesting, I can't wait for the next volumes!

I have been drawn into this series in a big way. With the economy the way it is and all of the downsizing going on in various publishing houses I'm worried about things being published through UDON's Korean Manhwa division. The fifth volume of Star Project Chiro and the fourth volume of Magical JxR were supposed to be published already but are still not available. When you visit their website and look at all of their upcoming releases it seems that the releases for next year are for Street Fighter. I don't want to see my two manhwa series stopped in the middle!

Initially I didn't think I was going to like Star Project Chiro because Eun-Yo is quite the spoiled brat, prima donna type. But I noticed the longer I read on you love her like you love Jane Austen's Emma. You're probably thinking that I'm nuts comparing Eun-Yo to a classic literature character like Emma but hear me out. Emma has to have everything her way and because of who she is she has the social standing to expect it. She's spoiled and pampered by those around her and even if you find her annoying, she still wins you over. She's the heroine that you love to hate to love. Eun-Yo is the same way for me. You love to hate her but you hate to love her. It's complicated! But I still love the series and I'm dying to find out what is going to happen next. I love Chan-Kyung and I hope that things will work out in his favor. Nan Lee is of course the perfect villain and I love hating him regardless of how handsomely he's drawn.

I really recommend this series. The art and the story are fantastic and I've loved every minute of it. Let's hope that UDON plans to continue printing this series so I can continue to sing its praises.

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