Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dark Dreams: A Dany & Dany Artbook by Dany & Dany review

Dark Dreams: A Dany & Dany Artbook
Author/Artist: Dany & Dany
Publisher: Yaoi Press
Rating: N/R (but is has a parental advisory notice on the cover)
Genre: Yaoi, Artbook
Grade: B-
I am a sucker for artbooks. When it comes to my favorite artists and series I make sure that if there is an artbook available I have to get it. I was introduced to Dany & Dany through Initially I had no desire to read any Yaoi Press titles (no offense to huge fans of Yaoi Press, that's just how I felt) because none of the story lines really appealed to me. That was the case until I read the synopsis for The Lily and the Rose (I have posted a review so feel free to check it out). I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised. I'm still not a huge Yaoi Press fan but thanks to their partnership with NETCOMICS I'm more willing to give them a fair shake because I don't have to break the bank on a title that I probably would only read once.
After reading The Lily and the Rose I wanted to witness more of Dany & Dany's works. While perusing the titles available at Yaoi Club I stumbled upon Dark Dreams: A Dany & Dany Artbook. I guess that I should give a little background on who Dany & Dany are. They are an Italian duo that creates absolutely stunning manga. All of the titles featured in Dark Dreams have been licensed for English publication. Also all but one of the titles are yaoi titles. But what else would you expect from a company called Yaoi Press.
The book is 64 pages long, which you can expect artbooks to be smaller, and printed in black and white. I would have given this a higher grade were the pages in color. Dany & Dany have lush backgrounds, exceptionally detailed costumes, and are beautiful to gaze upon. Both the men and women are gorgeous with flowing hair, toned bodies, and faces that show all emotions. This work would have been well served by being rendered in full color. That way you could truly experience the magnificence that is Dany & Dany.
I recommend this to fans of Dany & Dany and those who might be somewhat interested in the art styles of other comic artists who focus on yaoi even though they may not be Japanese. Yaoi Press brings to light many of these GloBL (that's what they call it) artists. If you are interested, feel free to stop by, they have a deal with Yaoi Press to showcase their titles. Or you can stop by Yaoi Press' website ( and check out their other offerings.
***Review Copy purchased through Yaoi Club***

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