Monday, November 10, 2008

Waru by Yukari Hashida review


Author/Artist: Yukari Hashida

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M – ages 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Romance

Grade: A

I initially judged this book by its cover. There was no desire on my part to read Waru when I started reading BL manga. I wasn't taken by Yukari Hashida-sensei's style. But after reading Kabuki vol. 1 I have joined the ranks of Hashida-sensei fans. Because of that I decided to order Waru through Yaoi Club (the book was super cheap, which totally made my day!)

Joe Oizumi is bad, at least bad at trying to be a criminal. He has been diagnosed with a deadly brain tumor. He wants to go out with a bang so he abducts Yuushi Mikaido, the only son of a Parliament member. While holding Yuushi for a large ransom, the tables turn and Joe finds out that Yuushi is gay and he seems to be glad that he's been kidnapped. Because Yuushi was so honest with Joe, the two end up having some pretty hot sex.

Joe's father happens to be Mr. Mikaido (Yuushi's father) personal physician and is the one who recognizes the composite sketch of Yuushi's abductor. He takes on the task to deliver the ransom. Joe's father ends up embarrassing him by announcing his many unsuccessful crimes, Joe decides to turn Yuushi over. But Yuushi will have none of that. After a brief tussle, Joe ends up shot. When he finally comes to after the whole incident Joe finds himself in the hospital with a minor flesh wound from being shot. Plus his father tells him that the reason Joe was told that he was going to die was to try and have him straighten out his life. It obviously backfired, and Joe only has migraines not a brain tumor. To get Joe off the hook for kidnapping him Yuushi tells his father that it was Yuushi that wanted to run away then he gets his father to hire Joe as his personal driver. It seems that Yuushi's the bad one, not Joe.

This manga had me rolling on the floor laughing so hard. The art is typical Yukari Hashida, the ukes are kind of feminine looking and the semes fit the archetype to a tee. But who cares with a story like this one. Regardless of how bad Joe tries to be, Yuushi's always one step ahead and he seems to have Junichiro Oizumi (Joe's dad) on his side. The one character that made this story so hilarious is Joe's father, Junichiro. Even though he's a doctor he seems to play many roles and always has his nose in Joe and Yuushi's relationship. Around every corner is some wacky scheme that will surprise you. This is a truly unique story line and Hashida-sensei's unique art style compliments the story brilliantly.

This is one BL manga that you shouldn't miss. You'll laugh so hard that you'll worry about wetting yourself.

***Review Copy purchased through Yaoi Club***


Suzu said...

Funny, I found itrather borming and stupid. ^^' Hm, I wonder if I'll like Kabuki... It's always so difficult to jugde.

Suzu said...

*I found it rather boring

Sorry, I typed to fast. ^^'

Kris said...


I know what you mean on judging whether you are going to like a book or not. The joy with manga is that there is a title that will appeal to everyone. What I enjoy might not be something that someone else likes. Like Man's Best Friend. All of the reviews I read praised it highly. But I didn't like it at all. I now take every review I read with a grain of salt.