Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Constellations in My Palm by Chisako Sakuragi and Yukine Honami review

Constellations in My Palm

Author/Artist: Chisako Sakuragi/Yukine Honami

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M - 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance

Grade: B+

Anything that is illustrated by Yukine Honami is going to catch my eye. I was immediately captivated by the beautiful artwork on the cover. Throw in astronomy as a part of the story and I'm hooked! I started reading yaoi manga that had an M-rating earlier this year and Constellations in My Palm was one of the first ones I read. I'd say in some ways it was a good choice, but in others not quite so good.

Mizuho and Enji at one time were very close. During the summer holidays these two cousins would always play together, gaze at the nighttime sky together, you name it they were always together. Mizuho was a year older than Enji and felt like he needed to protect his younger, cuter cousin. They had a dream that they were going to become astronomers together. After an accident, Mizuho started to avoid Enji.

Many years later Enji moved in with Mizuho and his family so he could attend college. You could cut the tension between Mizuho and Enji with a knife. Enji has grown into such a gorgeous young man. Mizuho is also gorgeous, but is finer featured. Mizuho wants things to go back to the way things were before, but he is worried that it's too late. Is it too late?

This was the first title of Yukine Honami-sensei's that I've checked out. I realize this review is very late in coming, but I only started reading manga earlier this year. That's why you'll see reviews of books that were published several years ago showing up on this site now. I try to stay current, but there is a lot to check out. OK, back to Constellations in My Palm. I mentioned that the choice of this title was both good and bad for a beginner M-rated yaoi manga. I'll start with the negative first. I really struggled with the whole "loving" your cousin situation. It's a common usage in yaoi and I'm now used to the whole getting involved with other family members. If that story line is not something that you are used to you may want to wait to read it. But if you can put that past you (like I did) this is an amazing piece of work. Chisako Sakuragi-sensei's story is so gentle and beautiful you can't help but fall in love. Add in Honami-sensei's gorgeous artwork and you have a masterpiece. This story has enough drama, but it's not so overly dramatic that you feel like you're reading a manga-ized (yes, that is a word that I just invented) version of a soap opera. There is enough comedy sprinkled throughout. The supporting cast rounds the story out nicely and adds the spice needed to keep the story moving.

I recommend this title highly. Take one look at the cover and you'll understand what I mean. This is one where the cover pulls you in and you won't let it go until you've reached the end!

***Review Copy purchased at Borders***

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