Friday, November 7, 2008

Love Bus Stop by Ritsu Natsumizu review

Love Bus Stop

Author/Artist: Ritsu Natsumizu

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M – 18 and above

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance, Salaryman, Anthology

Grade: B

Tsuzuki has a rich fantasy life. But his fantasies involve a man that rides the same bus as him in the mornings. He knows nothing about this man, except the fact that he's mesmerized by him. As it turns out Tsuzuki equally mesmerizes Fujisaki. They strike up a friendship and Tsuzuki has fallen in love. But he's worried about how Fujisaki feels about him.

Love Bus Stop is a collection of one-shots featuring hot and sexy salarymen. Of course the above one shot is the title story. In Blame it on Love Kirishima fell in love with fellow classmate Orihara. Unable to tell him how he felt, he continued on with life. Life was normal until Orihara started working for the same company.

All My Flowers for You is the tale of a sensei and a flower shop owner. Tohyama is a teacher at a middle school. For one week out of the year the students work in nearby businesses for some vocational training. Izumi is the owner of a flower shop. Izumi is attracted to Tohyama-sensei, but sensei is in a long distance relationship.

We meet Kouda and Kudaka in First Kiss. At a drinking party Kudaka gets hammered and kisses Kouda as a welcome to the department. To sober up Kudaka, Kouda gives him a passionate tongue kiss. But when all are sober and at work Kudaka overhears that Kouda doesn't want to go to another drinking party if Kudaka is there. It makes you wonder what Kouda is thinking. I wouldn't mind some random hottie kissing me!

Ritsu Natsumizu draws some of the most diverse looking men. While reading you can tell them all apart. It's great! The art is simple yet still beautiful. Not only that Natsumizu-sensei draws men in glasses and suits like nobody's business. Not only that, sensei has a great sense of humor. When you read the Extras section, who knew that someone could get so turned on by men's catalogs. It cracks me up. She (I'm assuming sensei is a she) also showed that same sense of humor at the end of Crushing Love.

Now I've read other reviews of how people seem to be disappointed in Love Bus Stop, wishing it was smuttier, or more in depth, etc., but I found it to be an endearing volume of one-shots. I feel that things can be just as erotic without being in-your-face nasty. Besides it's a nice volume. The paper is heavier and bright white, which makes the art jump right off the page. It's larger and has a dust jacket. It just looks good. Thanks to Juné for bringing us great artists like Ritsu Natsumizu to our shores!

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