Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Yabara - Juné's New Venture

You're probably looking at the word Yabara and wondering what on earth I'm talking about, so I'll share some info from the panel Juné Manga held on the final day of Yaoi-con. This year Juné didn't have a separate panel for licensing announcements due to the fact that they only had a couple of licenses they acquired (I sent an inquiry to the con regarding the missing publisher panel and that was the answer I received.) Juné is going to expand their yaoi offerings by merging the world of yaoi with the world of bara to try and expand their fan base (bara is created for gay men by men -generally- and tend to feature buff, muscled, manly men. If looking for bara styled titles from Japan in English by the two main yaoi publishers check out The Man of Tango by Tetuzoh Okadaya from SuBLime and the four titles from Sakira through 801 Media [available at eManga.]) Through this venture they also plan on bringing artists works from other parts of the world besides Japan.

For their first outing in this brand new world is going to be a title called Eden's Mercy by Velvet Toucher and Consito Ramirez. Velvet Toucher is Japanese but has been working over here in the United States. She's worked on books through Yaoi Revolution and also worked with one of my all time favorite yaoi writing teams Guilt|Pleasure on Father Figure (I have the novel, I just haven't read it yet.) The art is definitely interesting and I am looking forward to checking it out when it is released, which will be next year (I failed to write down a date and totally don't remember when they said we will get to enjoy it, I just know it's going to be sometime in 2017.) Because of this new focus they are expanding Yaoi-con by introducing a new convention on the east coast called Bishonen-con to be held in March in Rhode Island. But Bishonen-con is going to focus more on celebrating all things LGBT as opposed to just yaoi manga and anime like Yaoi-con.

Since this panel was held by the folks of Juné they did actually field questions regarding things other than this new venture and did announce a couple licenses. Sadly there were only two and one was announced a little bit before the con, but I will go ahead and include it here. The two licenses are for The Tyrant Falls in Love vol. 10 by Hinako Takanaga (which in sensei's panel they made it sound like vol. 10 is the final volume but she loves drawing it so much she would love to continue on forever, but please don't quote me on that I'm not totally sure it's the final one.) The other title is Twittering Birds Never Fly vol. 3 by Kou Yoneda. Those two titles will probably come out in the latter half of 2017. They also said that they are working on their next yaoi Kickstarter and it will probably be ready to roll out in November.

Overall it was an interesting panel and I look forward to see what Juné has in store for us in the future.

Monday, September 19, 2016

SuBLime Licenses from Yaoi-con

This past weekend I FINALLY had the opportunity to attend Yaoi-con (I've been trying since 2008) and will be providing some commentary on my experiences later but this post is all about the SuBLime Manga Panel. So let the fun commence!

Outside of the Guest-of-Honor panel this had to be one of the most well attended (at least with all the panels I went to), which was nice and I'm sure Jennifer LeBlanc and all the folks at SuBLime were glad to see all of us there. And I must say that when they had the prize contests they had some great prizes like autographed books, drama CD's, character goods, etc. (I so wanted to have my number drawn, win the silver prize and grab the Club Dandy tissue pack [for those not in the know Club Dandy is the home to the hosts of Shiuko Kano's Play Boy Blues characters and Shiuko Kano is one of my absolute favorite mangaka] but my horrible luck struck again and my number was not drawn.) But you aren't reading this post for my lamenting the loss of a prize, you're here for licensing info.

The biggest news to come out of the panel (sort of) was the news that SuBLime has acquired the rights to publish Finder. The reason why this is sort of big news is because they had already announced this on their website on July 7. The info both new and old is that volume 8 will come out in March 2017 and they will then start publishing the back volumes starting in June 2017 with the subsequent volumes being released bimonthly, they will also be available in both digital and print formats. To ease the pain of having to buy yet another set of the same manga (we're on publisher number 3 here folks) they are creating deluxe editions with high quality translations, fold out color illustrations, and the extra booklets that came with the Japanese volumes will also appear in the volumes. Not too shabby if you ask me.

The rest of the licensing news focused on series continuations and sadly there were no new titles announced. We were assured that there are new titles in the pipeline but they were not able to announce them at this time. Now, onto the licenses (all are released in both a print and digital format unless further noted):

October 2016

The World's Greatest First Love vol. 5 - Shungiku Nakamura (print only)

November 2016

Ten Count vol. 2 -Rihito Takarai
The Night Beyond the Tri-cornered Window vol. 3 - Tomoko Yamashita (digital only)(from the sounds of it in the panel I'm the only one excited about this one, it can't be true. This is an awesome series, if you haven't checked it out, DO IT, DO IT NOW!!!)

December 2016

Don't Be Cruel: Akira Takanashi's Story - Yonezou Nekota
Love Pistols vol. 9 - Tarako Kotobuki (digital only)(this is also a tentative date, the desire is to have it ready to go by December but it all depends on when they get everything completed)

January 2017

The World's Greatest First Love vol. 6 - Shungiku Nakamura (print only)
Lost Letters vol. 3 (final volume) - Sakae Kusama (digital only) (this is another series you really need to read)

February 2017

10 Count vol. 3 - Rihito Takarai

March 2017

Don't Be Cruel +plus - Yonezou Nekota
Finder vol. 8 - Ayano Yamane

April 2017

Spiritual Police vol. 2 - Youka Nitta

May 2017

10 Count vol. 4 - Rihito Takarai

June 2017

Finder vol. 1 - Ayano Yamane

I think I've got everything but if you were there and I'm missing something don't hesitate to post in the comments section and I would be more than happy to update the post (I'm famous for being flaky and scatterbrained!)