Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mr. Flower Bride by Lily Hoshino review

Mr. Flower Bride

Author/Artist: Lily Hoshino

Publisher: Yen Press

Rating: M – ages 18 and above

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance

Grade: B+

The Souda family has kind of a weird tradition. If the oldest son gives birth to a son all younger sons must marry a man. This rule was put into place to keep the succession from being a huge hassle. So as soon as it is discovered that Shinji's brother and sister-in law are having a boy things move forward for Shinji's marriage to another guy. If marrying another guy is bad enough his new "bride" happens to be Aoi Uno. Aoi is in the same class as Shinji and the two do get along. But Aoi doesn't seem to be phased. It seems that Aoi has been crushing on Shinji for ages and now is his chance to get with Shinji.

The two marry in secret because marrying someone of the same sex is against the law, and they move into an outbuilding on the Souda property. Even though they go to the same school they can't let on that there is anything out of the ordinary going on between them. Now they just have to make it through everyday life.

In Mr. Flower Bride we also get a short called Mr. Flower Groom. This introduces the story between Ritsu and Kouichirou. They are in the same situation as Shinji and Aoi. This story line and characters appear in Mr. Flower Groom that will be released in July.

On a whole I enjoyed Mr. Flower Bride. Some parts didn't really make sense and I found the fact that one minute Shinji was adamantly against marrying Aoi and then the next minute he was all for it a little strange. Aoi seemed to be the only one with the steady character. The situation where the two men must be married is definitely a new plot point I've not read in yaoi before and does set things up for an interesting run. I am looking forward to reading more in the Mr. Flower Groom story line.

I have to hand it to Hoshino-sensei; she draws dewy young boys very well. My only complaint is that sometimes her male characters look like flat chested girls. In Mr. Flower Bride the final one- shot If I Can See You Anytime… features one of these ukes. It's also the one with the most detailed when it comes to fully fleshed out male appendages.

If you are looking for a cutesy yaoi tale I think that Mr. Flower Bride fits the bill. With Hoshino-sensei's dewy, adorable boys, and original story makes it one to pick up. I know that I initially complained about her girly ukes, but I must admit that she is definitely a talented artist.

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