Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yakuza in Love vol. 2 by Shiuko Kano review

Yakuza in Love vol. 2

Author/Artist: Shiuko Kano

Publisher: Deux Press

Rating: M – 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Organized Crime

Grade: B+

Aoi Ichimura is still pining for Yuji Sakiya, and it turns out that Sakiya feels the same way. In reading the second volume of this series, we watch Aoi and Sakiya but we spend more time (in my opinion) of Chihiro Karasuma and Junki Ozawa. I’m getting a head of myself.

We learn in this volume that the current Don and Aoi are actually cousins. This comes as a shock to all involved. Aoi and Sakiya are deepening their relationship, which stirs up Junki Ozawa. He’s in love with his Big Bro (yakuza big bro, not his real brother), but it seems that Chihiro Karasuma only sees Junki as a little brother, in the family sense. Sakiya, who is the Underboss of the organization, is not pleased with the way the family is headed. Instead of dealing in legal ways, the current Don wants to get involved in human trafficking (for sex workers) and hardcore porn. It turns out that Junki has been sleeping with a member of one of the rival factions in the Hanagumi. The Don has some pretty sick ways of dealing with things and is planning on making a snuff film, and it seems that he knows who he wants to rub out. To try and lure the person he wants, Junki is kidnapped.

If the above paragraph is a little confusing, I apologize. You have to read both Yakuza in Love vol. 1 and vol. 2 to really understand. I would say, in a nutshell, Aoi finds out he’s a relative of the Don, Aoi and Sakiya consummate their relationship, Junki is kidnapped and Karasuma flips out.

The Yakuza in Love story is not the only one included in this book. We also have Liar which tells the back-story of Karasuma and Junki. Then it’s rounded out by the unrelated story, Saved. Kohei likes to help those who are in need of it, or not in some cases.

This is a confusing volume. I’m still confused by parts of it. Since I like Kano-sama, I have no problem in reading it a few more times to get the story down. What can I say, it’s beautiful to look at, even though the material is dark and heavy it has its moments where you can laugh. I suggest reading all of them in succession. They don’t take too long to read and things are clearer when read together. Definitely check it out!

***Review Copy purchased by Reviewer***

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