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Kiss All the Boys vol.1 by Shiuko Kano review

Kiss All the Boys vol. 1

Author/Artist: Shiuko Kano

Publisher: Deux Press

Rating: M - for 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Comedy

Grade: A+

Name: Tetsuo Atarashi
Age: 32
Occupation: Porn Comic Writer
Marital Status: Single with a 15-year-old son

Tetsuo Atarashi has always been virile. I mean he fathered a child at the age of 17 for heaven’s sake! But lately he’s been having trouble keeping "it" up. Yes, he’s impotent. Not only that, but his 15-year-old son Haruka Enomoto, has decided to move in with him now that Haruka’s mother has moved to Europe for a job. Tetsuo hasn’t really been involved in Haruka’s life. His only fatherly duties involved were being listed on the birth certificate as the father. Not a bad deal, until Haruka decided to live with Tetsuo instead of moving in with his mother’s brother, and Tetsuo’s best friend and editor, Michiro Enomoto. Is there a reason why Haruka wants to live with his father instead of the man who was like a father? Hmm…

Tetsuo’s work is also starting to be affected by his impotence. He creates porno comics and Michiro is worried for his dear friend. He is also worried about the quality of work that Tetsuo is releasing. Haruka and Michiro have a very good relationship. It also turns out that both Michiro and Haruka are gay. When Tetsuo finds this out (about Haruka, Michiro is still in the closet as far as Tetsuo is concerned), he doesn’t know how to react. We then find out that the reason why Haruka wanted to move in with Tetsuo. It was not to have a great father/son bond but to move nearer to the school that he and his beloved Hiroto Tamaki are attending.

To get away from all his troubles involving his son and his son’s rampaging hormones, Tetsuo decides to catch a flick at the local adult movie theatre. Instead of being able to enter he is blocked by some dude who can’t decide whether he wants to enter, and passes out on top of Tetsuo. Keiichi Momoyama is new to the whole adult movie world. To be of some assistance, more like hurry and get off the street before more people start gawking, he pulls Momoyama into the theatre. Since this is Momoyama’s first trip to this type of movie, he doesn’t know what to do about his erection that arrives soon after the movie starts. Tetsuo frees willy and helps Momoyama relieve some pressure. When Tetsuo realizes what he’s done he runs as fast as he can out of the theatre!

Things all go down hill from there for Tetsuo. He finds out that Momoyama has moved into his apartment building, he gets along better with Tamaki than he does his own son, and is it possible that Michiro is holding back his true feelings for him? Aye-yai-yai!

Kiss All the Boys is Shiuko Kano-sama at her absolute best. Even though this is one of her earlier works, the art is Kano-sama’s recognizable style. Her men are ultra-hunky, ultra-sexy, ultra-men. They’re crude, they’re crass, they’re men. Haruka is absolutely adorable and helps keep the laughs coming. The way this story is presented you have no idea what way Tetsuo is going to go. My personal favorite is Momoyama. He is so sincere in his feelings for Tetsuo, you just want to see Tetsuo put his pride to the side and accept Momoyama. There is a humorous scene where Tetsuo has had too much to drink and starts coming on to Momoyama and calling him by each of his ex-girlfriends names. There isn’t much in the way of sex in this volume, but that probably has to do with the fact that this is the first of three books. We have to be introduced to the main players and come to love or hate them. Where sex is involved its not as detailed. This is really a great series and I cannot wait until the next two volumes are released. Actually, Kiss All the Boys volume 2 is out by now!

I have really come to expect great things from Deux Press. The books may not be all that fancy, but with the high quality of the materials that are used put other publishers to shame (I won’t name them here). The covers are scored so the book won’t get a nasty looking crease. The paper is of a higher quality and the ink stays on the page, not transferring to your hands. Deux Press also has great licenses. Plus they hold several of Kano-sama’s titles as well. You can’t go wrong with that! Check this title out, this series is definitely worth your time and your money!

***Review Copy purchased by Reviewer***

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