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Don't Blame Me vol. 2 by Yugi Yamada review

Don't Blame Me vol. 2

Author/Artist: Yugi Yamada

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M - 18 and above

Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Grade: A-

*** Review originally appeared at The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society at Check it out! ***

I'm not really in the mood to summarize the complicated plot of Don't Blame Me vol. 1 here, so be sure to check out my previous review. If you have a desire to read this series (and I say you should read it) you'll definitely want to start with the first book.

We start this book where the last one left off. Nakamura doesn't know what to do about his feelings. Is he in love with Kaji? Why is he spilling his guts to Kujirai, in whom he is extremely jealous of? Of course Kaji just happened to be on the other side of the door hearing all of this. It's also cultural festival time. To make plans they all meet at the pub that Kaji works at and the film club gains a new member, Yamazaki. She is crushing on Kaji big time. Poor Nakamura, he now has to be jealous of two people - Kujirai and Yamazaki. After a huge argument Nakamura musters up the courage and plants one on Kaji.

Since they decided to make a funky horror film for their cultural festival project, life moves at a hectic pace. One day during filming Nakamura and Yamazaki go at each other over Kaji. Man how would that be (as a single gal I really wouldn't know!) The set collapses around them and Nakamura gets injured trying to push Yamazaki out of the way. Kaji takes Nakamura to his apartment to take care of him, and realizes that he also has feelings for Nakamura. How will this story play out? I don't want to spoil the climax for you (get your minds out of the gutter, but if your reading yaoi it's already too late) so I'm going to end the plot summary here! Now you'll have to go out and read this.

This was defintely worth the time I spent reading it. The story is so well told that I put aside my attitudes about Yamada-sensei's art to the side. Besides, on the back cover Tsuchiya and Miki's baby is so adorably drawn that I could be forgiving. After reading this series I think I'm going to read more of Yamada-sensei's work. Plus the afterwords by the author are so blooming funny! You get the high quality publishing from Juné and the superb storytelling from Yugi Yamada-sensei, a winning team!

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***Reposted with permission from The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society***

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