Sunday, June 1, 2008

Maybe I'm Your Steppin' Stone: Loveliness by Shiuko Kano review

Maybe I'm Your Steppin' Stone: Loveliness

Author/Artist: Shiuko Kano

Publisher: 801 Media, Inc.

Rating: 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Grade: A+

The second in Shiuko Kano-sensei's construction worker series is Maybe I'm Your Steppin' Stone: Loveliness. Only this time around it stars Kousei Mogi, who we met in I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone: Shameless. I'm going to quote the back of the book:

Men, in general, are hot. Male construction workers are, in general, off the charts! The antics of the scaffold construction workers of I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone: Shameless continue in Maybe I'm Your Steppin' Stone: Loveliness. Kousei Mogi, Kazuya's sempai, finally gets his own story!
Kousei seems pretty popular with everyone- the other construction workers, the clerk at the convenience store where he buys his porn magazines- just about everyone except his ex-wife. But the many secret admirers that Kousei has are just looking for an opportunity to step up to the plate. Kenji Hirose, the clerk at the convenience store, has become a doting uncle ever since he realized that his niece and Kousei's son attend the same nursery school. When the school's sports tournament leaves Kenji injured, Kenij's more than willing to take advantage of Kousei's nursing ability and wait for the opportunity to pounce.

The back summed up the story quite well, so what more can I add?

I LOVED this manga. It was cute, funny, heartwarming, etc., etc., etc. Kano-sensei can do no wrong. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite mangaka. Not only for her amazingly hot men but her great storytelling. She can tell a touching story with the perfect amount of humor and boy can she draw uber-hot sex! Out of the two (there is a third one related to this series but it hasn't been licenced here in the states... yet [hint, hint!!!]) Maybe I'm Your Steppin' Stone: Loveliness is definitely my favorite. Who know's why? Maybe it has to do with the full color cover page of Kousei butt-naked (be still my beating heart), maybe it's the drawings of Kousei and Kenji drawn cosplay style (Kousei as an escort and Kenji as a construction worker). The only thing that would be considered a drawback is the cover. I'm not fond of it. When I first saw it I was worried about it being some buff dude squeezing the head of someone with Down's Syndrome. But I was looking at a fairly small picture on my computer screen and with the internet connection I have the accelerator distorts pictures so the pages can load faster. I highly recommend this manga to one and all, but be aware since this is Kano-sensei it will be pretty explicit. Maybe I'm Your Steppin' Stone: Loveliness is a release by 801 Media which means it is of the highest quality. You get the hot full color cover page and in this case a full color matte dust jacket. I know I can't seem to say enough about 801 Media's manga, but they do such an excellent job, I'm going to continue to shout it from the mountain tops!

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