Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone: Shameless by Shiuko Kano review

I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone: Shameless

Author/Artist: Shiuko Kano

Publisher: 801 Media, Inc.

Rating: Ages 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Drama, Romance

Grade: A

I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone: Shameless is the first in the series involving construction workers.

Sakai Kazuya is a 23-year-old scaffold construction worker. He has fallen in love with a girl who's house the construction company was doing some work. Sadly, for Kazuya, she only likes well educated guys and he only has a middle school diploma. That's where Ezumi Masashi (or as Kazuya's fellow co-workers call him Mashi) comes into the picture. He is the brother of the girl that Kazuya has his eye on. Masashi offers to tutor him for the high school entrance exam, but for a price. It's not money either. Masashi wants Kazuya's hot bod!

I really wish that the construction workers in my area looked like Shiuko Kano-sensei's. The ones around here are usually bald and overweight. One must say that Kano-sensei's manga is always filled with mega attitude and comes straight at you like the Three Stooges double eye poke. If you aren't prepared to see some major male nudity and hot male on male action you best prepare with some of Kano-sensei's other work like Affair (also published by 801 Media). Her works are always really top notch. Her character development, her art, everything is fantastic. Her men are actually MEN. Not girly looking like some other mangaka erm...Lily Hoshino for instance.

Initially I didn't know how I was going to like this volume. Kazuya is kind of clueless and obsessed with boobs. Masashi is a jerk, a know-it-all, and takes advantage of Kazuya's naïveté. But with the storytelling and art of Kano-sensei, it works. The full color cover page is hilarious, with Kazuya checking out his latest Playboy magazine and Masashi lying next to him. Absolutely adorable. Since purchasing a few titles directly through the 801 store (those were The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy and A Foreign Love Affair) I will only purchase my books from them. Their packaging is simply adorable. With this title it has all of the wonders of it being an 801 title but instead of the full color glossy dust jacket this, and Maybe I'm Your Steppin' Stone: Loveliness, has a full color matte dust jacket. In all honesty I love the matte covers. Any time I get a book with the matte covers all I can do is rave about how amazing they look! I think I'll need to film an infomercial for 801 because I have never been disappointed with their products. When you combine the amazing Shuiko Kano-sensei and 801 Media, I'm in heaven!

***Review Copy purchased by Reviewer***

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