Friday, May 30, 2008

The Sky Over My Spectacles by Mio Tennohji review

The Sky Over My Spectacles

Author/Artist: Mio Tennohji

Publisher: 801 Media, Inc.

Rating: 18 and over

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance, School Life

Grade: B+

The Sky Over My Spectacles was my first Mio Tennohji title. Azuma is known far and wide (at least in his school) for having a glasses fetish. His attention has been drawn to fellow classmate, Sorachi. One problem, Sorachi is a guy. Not only that, Sorachi seems to hate Azuma, or does he? After passing out in PE, Azuma carries Sorachi to the infirmary only to catch himself almost kissing Sorachi while he slept. The next day Sorachi approaches Azuma and confesses his love. It turns out Sorachi wore fake glasses just to get Azuma's attention. Once Azuma and Sorachi start dating, troubles soon arise (like always in yaoi). Azuma is worried that the Student Council president is after Sorachi and Sorachi is worried that Azuma won't like him if he finds out that his glasses are fake. Luckily all their worries are for naught and spend their date at a love hotel, in the middle of day no less. Sorachi doesn't have much experience in the dating and sex areas and Azuma's never been with another guy. In their first sexual encounter they don't get beyond touching one another. Sorachi finally decides to leave the glasses behind and all the girls at school start drooling. Azuma gets jealous, which he seems prone to do on a regular basis. Azuma and Sorachi are invited to a mixer by one of Azuma's friends, that also happens to be a girl. She assures Azuma that she will make sure a girl in glasses will be there. Now it's Sorachi's turn to worry. Is their relationship doomed?

There are a couple of short unrelated short stories. Another involving schoolboy romance. One story stars adults, a private investigator and a cafe employee (I really liked this story). And the final story is two childhood friends one two years older than the other. Finally there are a few four-panel comics starring our first couple Azuma and Sorachi that are really cute!

In some other reviews that I've come across people don't seem to like this title as much. I don't know what they're smoking, I really liked it! I loved the long, lanky looks of the characters. Each and every character is handsome/beautiful (the girls). The lines are clean and the art is nicely detailed. Sorachi is one of the cutest ukes that I've come across, I just want to sit on his lap and snuggle (DARN IT, I'M A CHICK! Oh well?!). The story is strong and even though the schoolboy romance is done regularly there isn't anything lacking. I mention this every time but 801 Media has some of the highest quality productions out there. You get a great manga with a beautiful full color dust jacket, a full color cover sheet, and the 801-chan comic on the back flap of the jacket. The story moves smoothly, which means the translation is good. The printing is clean and the typos are rare to non-exsistent. Any time you get an 801 Media manga know that it is going to be of the highest quality smut!

***Review Copy purchased by Reviewer***

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