Friday, May 30, 2008

The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy by Youka Nitta review

The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy

Author/Artist: Youka Nitta

Publisher: 801 Media, Inc.

Rating: 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance

Grade: A+

Our Two leading men in The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy are Koushi Yoshinaga and Tomohiro Shiraishi. This story is very heavy on plot so I'll do the best I can in breaking it down. Koushi Yoshinaga is a Japanese diplomat assigned to Thailand. Tomohiro Shiraishi is the son of the Japanese ambassador to the United States and brother to Yoshinaga's fiancee Michiko. He's also been assigned as Yoshinaga's assistant. Since Shiraishi is new to the Thailand office he starts hearing rumors about Yoshinaga using bedroom diplomacy and that is why he is so successful at such a young age. Baffled by this Shiraishi, hanging at a bar, witnesses a guy hitting on Yoshinaga. Upset, he drags Yoshinaga home and ends up sleeping with him. We're starting to get into quite the pickle.

Even though Shiraishi loves his sister, he finds himself falling for his soon to be brother-in-law. Not only do they have to keep their relationship on the down low from family, but how would it look for two effective diplomats to be sleeping with one another. It would disgrace Japan! Will their relationship contiune down the torrid path that it's on? Read The Prime Minister's Secret Diplomacy to find out what happens.

All I can say is this volume of manga has it all: sex, intrigue, sex, etc. I learned all kinds of new things about the world of diplomacy and it's really too bad that the world of ambassadors isn't filled with the beauty that Youka Nitta-sensei has given us. The story is gripping and dripping with sex, I think I mentioned that there was sex. It's pretty graphic and explicit as well. Yoshinaga and Shiraishi are extremely gorgeous, and you would expect nothing less from Nitta-sensei. Not only are they gorgeous naked but when they are clad in numerous different suits. The further on in Nitta-sensei's career her quality continues to get better, like that's possible! Michiko, the fiancee, is beautiful and actually looks like a woman (I know that's a weird comment but in Embracing Love the women [and I don't mean Sawa] look like men in wigs). I'm impressed! I honestly needed to take a cold shower after reading this manga, and according to the notes at the back there will be more volumes (be still my beating heart)!

I didn't think it was possible but 801 Media outdid themselves with this tome. Not only is there a full color cover page but it covers the inside of the cover and the first page, kind of like a Playboy centerfold but with beautiful biseinen. Not only that, the back page and inside of the back cover has another full color picture, I'm ready to pass out from all the heat this volume gives off! I usually order my 801 titles through my local Borders, but this time around I decided to order from the 801 Media store. I am never ordering my 801 titles from Borders again. My book came faster in the mail than at my store and the presentation was absoulutely adorable. It came in a cute little organza bag and had 801-chan's Guide to Sound Effects. Even my receipt came with a little note from 801-chan herself (I will treasure it always since I am 801-chan's biggest fan!). I know I sound like a broken record about 801 titles but I haven't been too disappointed in the titles they release and the production quality is top notch!

***Review Copy purchased by Reviewer***

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