Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Blue Sky by Yuko Kuwabara review

Blue Sky

Author/Artist: Yuko Kuwabara

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M - 18 and up

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Comedy, Romance, School Life

Grade: A-

Yuko Kuwabara has quickly become one of my favorite mangaka since reading Alcohol, Shirt, and Kiss. Which this fact is kind of hilarious because this manga is only her second English release.

Ryoichiro Kihara is the Chief Resident Advisor at the Seiran boys' dormitory. There is a prophecy that the Chief RA always becomes romantically linked with his roommate. To make his senior year a little more exciting Kihara rigs the room drawing so he can be paired with Kyosuke Yoshimi, also known as "The Beautiful Prince of Ice." Kihara is quite popular with the student body and has his own nickname "The Prince of Warm Spring Sunshine."

It is obvious that Yoshimi is not looking forward to spending his senior year as Kihara's roommate. He even goes to the lengths to tell Kihara that there is no way the prediction is true because his brother was also the Chief RA at Seiran dormitory and he didn't become romantically involved with his roommate. The challenge has been leveled. Will the "Prince of Warm Spring Sunshine" be able to warm the heart of the "Beautiful Prince of Ice"?

There are two additional stories. One involving Yoshimi's older brother and the school's doctor, Hino-sensei. It turns out that the prediction came to fruition while Shunichi Yoshimi was the Chief RA. It seems that it's been kept on the DL. The second story involves Yoshimi's former roommate Suzuki and one of Yoshimi's many admirers Kaga. Suzuki and Kaga are roommates now and Suzuki finds himself falling for Kaga. It seems, however, that Kaga still has strong feelings towards Yoshimi even though he was turned down.

I love Kuwabara-sensei! I was so excited to be able to buy this at the Akadot Retail website before it's released in bookstores! Kuwabara-sensei has a great, clean, art style. No major clutter with excessive bubbles, a ton of flowers, etc. But there is enough detail to make it truly gorgeous. The story isn't as strong as Alcohol, Shirt, and Kiss but it is still truly awesome. It gets two thumbs up and more if I had more thumbs. Juné always does a good job with the publishing. The dust jacket fits nicely and it's got quite the sexy picture on the back. Check this volume out if you know what's good for you!

***Review Copy purchased by Reviewer***

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