Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Man's Best Friend by Kazusa Takashima review

Man's Best Friend

Author/Artist: Kazusa Takashima

Publisher: BLU

Rating: M - 18 and above

Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Supernatural

Grade: D+

Ukyo, on his way home from school, rescues a black dog. He names him Kuro (black in Japanese). When Kuro gets excited he turns into a human, he keeps the ears and the tail though. Ukyo doesn't know what to do because Kuro seems to love him in more than just the pet owner way. He enjoys the sex but has issues with the fact that Kuro is male and a dog. The next story in this compilation of three is a typical yaoi storyline. Two childhood friends get separated, many years later reconnect, fall in love, and deal with the issues of both being guys. Not real original is it. The last story is about a boy who rescues a goldfish from a festival. He takes the goldfish home with him. In the middle of the night the goldfish turns into a human and the only way the fish/boy can repay his savior is through sleeping with him. It's a little (no a lot) creepy.

I couldn't decide whether I wanted to check this manga out. I had been impressed with what BLU had come out with so far (at least the books I had read.) I came across several reviews that just raved about how wonderful this book was. I decided since it seemed to please many readers I would probably enjoy it as well. I was mistaken. The whole idea of sleeping with your dog kind of creeped me out. I know when Ukyo and Kuro had sex, Kuro was in human form, but the idea was still freaky. The final story of the goldfish showing the boy his thanks by sleeping with him was creepy as well. The fish/boy looked more like a flat chested girl with a male reproductive organ. The middle story was really the only one that was half way decent, but it was so predictable that my short attention span couldn't really handle it. In my opinion the only redeeming quality was the fun and sexy cover. Too bad, but BLU has other really good titles to check out.

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Suzu said...

Nahh, I enjoyed it a lot, I just overlooked the fact that he's actually a dog. *lol*
Reminds me a bit of Guru Guru Pon-chan, there's also a dog who turns into a human girl and starts an relationship with her human neigbour, really strange but very funny.

Glad that the're wasn't any bestiality in this one... but wait.. you could discuss that. ^^

btw, really enjoying your reviews, sadly my local manga store doesn't have all the Boys Love Manga that actaully get published. :( So I have to inform mysel by reading lots of reviews, glad I found your blog. ;)