Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Manic About Manga's glossary!

I decided to throw this glossary out there to fill you in on how I come to my letter grades and then explanation on some terms that I have come across through my searching and my readers (all 3 of you) might not know!

The Grading System
Much like grades in school I give out letter grades from A+ to F.

A: Three levels of perfection
When a manga, anime, etc. get a grade in the A category it is surely worth your time and money. there are either no flaws, or issues so tiny that I am able to over look them.

B: Quite enjoyable
If a manga gets grades listed above it's worth reading. There are some minor issues that I have found and the lower the grade, the more noticeable the issues are.

C: Average
With this grade level, proceed with a little caution. If you purchase these, my suggestion is buy it used. The issues are more pronounced and be warned.

D: Be wary!
Anything with these grades, realize that you can probably go on with life if you don't partake in the works with these marks. Of course you can read it if you want, but don't come crying to me if you didn't like it!

Realize that if you read anything with this grade you will not be able to get those precious hours of your life that you wasted back!

I hope that my small explanation will help. Now for some terms that you might come across in reading my blog or other blogs that you may not know.

shoujo: manga made for girls
shonen: manga made for boys
seinen: manga made for men
josei: manga made for women
boys' love: manga aimed at the female gender with same-sex male pairings. Can be very graphic or fairly tame.
yaoi: "no climax, no resolution, no meaning" is the main meaning but it is generally used to describe fairly hardcore boys' love manga.
shonen-ai: literally "boys' love" in Japanese. I read somewhere that this term was retired years ago, but I still see it used quite frequently. I use it to describe tame boys' love manga.
kawaii: not the island in Hawaii, but "cute" in Japanese. Used by fangirls regularly.
squee: the noise made by fan girls, it's a squeal.
seme: the "top," the "attacker," the "guy" in guy-on-guy action.
uke: the "bottom," the "receiver," the "girl" in guy-on-guy action.
manga-ka: also mangaka, the artist/author of the manga.
yuri: girl-on-girl style manga.
bara: manga created for gay men by men.

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